WATCH: Diddy And Pharrell Greet Each Other Like True Wakandans

Ever since moviegoers witnessed TChalla and Shuri’s handshake in Black Panther, the notable “Wakanda Forever” salute has become an informal greeting within the Black community.

Robert on Twitter

T’challa & Shuri handshake. #BlackPanther

What was simply a moment on the movie screen has now turned into a cultural phenomenon.

From teachers in Ohio to Manchester United players,  everyone is utilizing this salute as a way to acknowledge both greatness and respect.

At the iHeart Media awards, both Diddy and Pharrell used the lighthearted gesture to greet each other on the red carpet.

Diddy on Twitter

How we feeling right now @Pharrell

To see these two millionaires using this handshake is both a sign of how impactful Black Panther was and the cultural relevancy of that specific scene.

Im sure we cant wait to see what other influences Black Panthers sequel will have in store for us

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