Warriors’ Summer Petty Tour Continues; Steph Curry Roasts LeBron And Celtics’ Grant Williams While Hosting The ESPYs

It’s good to be the champs. The Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship in June, their fourth in eight seasons, and they’ve been on one of the all-time petty tours. Every player or media pundit that said anything negative about them in the past two years has heard about it. Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry, who hosted the ESPYs this week, took the opportunity to put Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James and the Boston Celtics Grant Williams on blast.

“LeBron James, he hosted this award show back in 2007 after losing in the NBA Finals,” said Curry. “So, yes, you guessed it, this feels better.”


“Speaking of the Celtics, Grant Williams, I see you in the building,” Curry said. “It’s great to see you again my man. I know you like this color (referencing his suit). I’ll let you borrow it after I’m done. I might even let you wear a ring (Curry winks). Eh, might, we’ll see. We’ll see.”

Petty King.

In addition to hosting the award show, Curry won “Best NBA Player” honors and “Best Record-Breaking Performance” for setting the all-time three-point record, Klay Thompson won the “Best Comeback Athlete” award, and the Warriors took home “Best Team” honors.

When you’re the champ you get to have fun at the expense of everyone else. To the victor goes the spoils and all that and the Warriors have been enjoying it.

Draymond Green openly called out the Celtics’ Jaylen Brown in his Finals review and said ‘they took his heart’. Then Green got into a Twitter battle with Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant about who lives rent-free in whose head.

Thompson called Grizzlies big man Jaren Jackson Jr. a clown for focusing more on tweeting at the Warriors than playing the game. Even though the tweet Thompson referenced was from February and didn’t happen during the playoff series between the teams.

It has been quite the summer, and it looks like the good times are set to continue in the city by the bay.

Curry is still playing at an All-NBA level at age 33 and is fresh off a dominant Finals run. Thompson is another year removed from his injuries, and with his shooting ability he’ll continue to be very productive. Injuries have hurt Green, but prior to being injured this past season he was the runaway leader for defensive player of the year.

Young athletic wing Andrew Wiggins is just entering his prime, as is the newly re-signed Kevon Looney. Both of whom were essential to the Warriors winning the title. Then there is the sharpshooting “Curry-lite” 22-year-old Jordan Poole who is capable of flame-throwing a team to their doom.

Finally, there are the “kids” Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody and James Wiseman, all lottery picks who have shown flashes of what they can become and all 21 years old and younger.

The present and the future both look bright for the Warriors, so the rest of the league better get ready for a whole lot of talking coming from the Bay.


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