Warren Moon Feels Kaepernick Played Himself With Lawsuit Against NFL

The ongoing saga between Colin Kaepernick and the NFL is well documented, with the most recent event being Kap’s lawsuit filed against the League and a meeting between the two parties that apparently went up in smoke.

As Kap fights for his right to play in a League which, by all of the recent examples of horrendous QB play and suspect QB signings, is obviously blackballing him, the opposing sides continue to gather their individual supporters who support one side or the other.

Hall of Fame QB Warren Moon has spoken on quarterback issues before, even supporting Cam Newton last year when he was getting slammed by critics. Moon spoke with TMZ yesterday about Kap’s situation, basically saying that the former 49er has played himself by suing the League while trying to get a job.

“If he was gonna file a lawsuit, he maybe should’ve waited ’til this season was over if he did want to play this year,” Moon said to TMZ, “because it was almost like, does he really wanna play if he’s gonna go and sue the league and then also try to get signed by a football team … the two just don’t seem to mix.”

Watch the full interview below:


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