Wale Defends His Rep: He’s No Local Rapper!

Who knew rappers were so sensitive? After Lil' Wayne put the NBA, Miami Heat and Chris Bosh's wife on full-blast last week because he was banned by the NBA from attending games–a claim the NBA completely refutes–Wale had his own NBA-related beef in Toronto.

Wale was watching his boy Rudy Gay take on the Washington Wizards and trash-talking him during the game. Toronto announcers, specifically Matt Devlin, picked up on it, but had no idea who Wale actually was, referring to him as a "local rapper" who definitely wasn't on the same level as Drake.


Wale wasn't pleased, so he hit Devlin on Twitter.


But the man was working, so he didn't reply. Unsatisfied, Wale approached the mic to set things straight.



It's unclear how the dispute was settled, but far more unclear is why Wale cared about what a Toronto Raptors announcer thought about him at all. The comments made Devlin look foolish, but the follow-up from Wale is questionable. 



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