Vile Diatribes About Beyonce And Blackness Will Not Be Tolerated

The Internet has changed the game in many ways. On a positive note, it has given a voice to many who would have essentially been voiceless prior to the advent of the medium. However, that also means that some people who really aren’t qualified to speak on the manner that a dog licks his own balls are now given carte blanche to speak upon things they cram to understand.

On Sunday, Beyonce Knowles blessed the stage of the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. Pregnant with twins and adorned in gold garb and imagery that was clearly inspired by Oshun, the Yoruba deity of the river, fresh water, luxury, pleasure, sexuality and fertility, beauty and love, Bey’s set was an ode to the power of femininity.

For some odd reason, Bey is a lightning rod for faux controversy that is largely heaped upon her by petulant troglodytes and closet racists. With the recent blog at the sh*t-slinging white boy circle jerk known as we see that scenario play out.

The article in question is titled “Beyonce Has Passed LeBron As The Most Insufferable Douchebag On The Planet” and there’s absolutely nothing insightful, newsy or intelligent at all. It reads more like an emotional Facebook post than a blog an author might want someone to read. And no, we’re not giving it a link because it doesn’t deserve it.

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About a paragraph or two long and written by El Presidente, the piece was basically a vile diatribe on why he hates Beyonce. And, as is the case with many of these self-important, excreta narfing cowards, his comments were very anti-woman and perhaps you can make a case for them being racist as well. After all, what do LeBron James and Bey have in common other than being Black, rich and influential?

The author and site founder, David Portnoy of Boston, Massachusetts, took issue with Beyonce paying homage to the life-creating properties of all women during her set. This Uncle Fester, like the current U.S. president, uses inflammatory language and insults to galvanize a fanbase of disenfranchised lowlifes who, perhaps because of the current mainstream atmosphere in which individuals are urging their constituents to compromise with card-carrying racists, are growing in confidence and number.

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(An artist’s interpretation of the Yoruba deity Oshun.)

This is why it is very necessary to drop bombs on these would-be sycophants. Barstool Sports has proven its bitch ass behavior multiple times in the past when it comes to Bey. A cursory glance shows at least three “stories” in which El Presidente basically says ‘I hate Beyonce. Here’s why.’ Insufferable is a term he uses to describe her in several of these offerings. Insufferable is defined as ‘too extreme to bear, intolerable.’

Though I’m no card-carrying member of the Bey Hive, I can’t help but wonder what they think is so insufferable about Bey. Is it because she’s a woman, because she’s Black, or because she’s influential enough that the Grammys, governed by a white majority, gave her 20 minutes to just do whatever she wanted? Honestly, I can understand how a pop artist could begin to grind one’s nerves after a while.

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However, Beyonce’s growth and awareness have been on a steep trajectory over the past few years and I wonder if there’s a correlation between that mental ascendance and the exponentially increasing vitriol. The site’s slogan is “By the Common Man, For the Common Man” and describes itself as a satire site but, in the immortal words of Rakim, ”Nobody’s smiling.”  Furthermore, their slogan might as well be ”By the White Male, For the White Male.”  

To go after a woman for unapologetically celebrating her femininity, yet publish a story celebrating an Anna Nicole Smith tribute in Playboy magazine, as well as alluding to a hopeful return to its soft porn roots, says to me that these dudes believe women are best seen and not heard.

But if women aren’t heard, then society is only getting half the story and becomes, in essence, half-assed…kinda like these guys. Because any man, regardless of race or station, that makes a living out of attacking women, isn’t really a man.

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