VIDEO: The Nuggets Don’t Care About Matt Barnes’ Life

The LA Clippers became the latest victim to fall in Denver on the tail-end of a back-to-back, falling to the Nuggets, 107-92. JaVale McGee racked up four fouls in 14 minutes but did manage to destroy Matt Barnes in the process. 

It's rare that you see a guy blast on the rim with a two-hander like this. Wilson Chandler hit Barnes with one of those "oh, what, you think I'm playing around" type of dunks. Good sir!



The LA Times and Charles Barkley now wonderif the Clippers are for real.

Barkley told a TNT audience Tuesday night the West has only three NBA championship-quality teams in Oklahoma City, San Antonio and Memphis, while going on to call the Clippers "softer than tissue paper."

I guess he doesn't put much stock in the thug, cheap-shot artist or hard-nosed competitor that is Matt Barnes, who the Clippers consider just plain tough.

I mentioned what Barkley had said to the Clippers' Vinny Del Negro, and I got a coach's response as soft as tissue paper.

"Everyone has their opinions," revealed Del Negro.

Hey, ordinarily I'm a big Clippers honk. And I would quickly come to their defense if they had a half-court offense that was playoff-worthy.



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