Video Proof Mark Sanchez May Be The Best Receiver On The Jets Roster

Mark Sanchez missed his calling. Let’s face it, he never really figured out this quarterbacking thing. The torn labrum in his shoulder will keep him from throwing a football this season, but Dr. James Andrews never said anything about him catching. Besides, from what Sanchez has shown us in the past, he only needs on arm.

Sanchez was caught on HBO’s Hard Knocks snagging one-handed passes with ease in 2010 and called his mitts the best hands in the building.

The Jets tried sending Tim Tebow out as a receiver while Sanchez was quarterback, but it only produced comical highlights. They were probably sending the wrong receiver out there. Based on the butterfingers Geno Smith's receivers have shown us in the first half against the New England Patriots, Mark Sanchez may be the best receiver on their roster.

Why not earn some of that  $13.9 million he's being paid this season? If former Vikings quarterback Joe Webb could make the transition, why couldn't Sanchez?

He just has to figure out how to beat press coverage.