VIDEO: DJ Jazzy Jeff Recalls Will Smith Meeting Eminem And A Possible Return To The Booth

DJ Jazzy Jeff takes us behind the curtains to his rise in the game, and dropped an interesting nugget about Will Smith and Eminem. The two met for the first time in Philly, and Will told Eminem, "You're either going to be the biggest flop in hip-hop or the biggest thing in hip-hop." Eminem didn't forget it, and from what we know about Slim Shady it pushed him to make sure he did, in fact, become the biggest thing in the game. 

He also explained that the game is the game, and there aren't any ill feelings between the two, despite some of Em's lyrics. These guys are pros and can just brush that dirt off.

As far as his work goes, Jazzy Jeff has a project with a Canadian singer that he hopes to release this year, and dropped some more hints that Will Smith may get back in the booth. 

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