Victor Page’s Fall From Grace

Victor Page was a star for the Hoyas but then life went on a downward spiral.

Back in the 90s, Victor Page was tearing it up in the Big East for the Georgetown Hoyas. But now he’s facing 10 years in jail for committing a slew of crimes over the last few years.  

From the Washington Post :

But trouble of every variety has been Page’s companion since he starred at McKinley Tech High School, from the laundry list of charges covering everything from cocaine to theft to the unlawful use of a livestock vehicle to the gunshot two days before Thanksgiving in 2003 that took his right eye.

Over the last three and a half years, Page has been charged with 33 crimes in Maryland and the District. He’s been found guilty of (or pleaded guilty to) six of them, including two second-degree assaults, a fourth-degree sexual offense, unlawful entry, fourth-degree burglary and possession of marijuana.

Talk about a fall from grace. Victor Page is one player that joins a long list of other players who went from phenoms to felons. This just goes to show the company you keep and the choices you make can affect you greatly. Lets just hope from here that Page can finally turn his life around.

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