Verzuz Made Ron Isley “Zaddy” Because Y’all Must Have Forgot

It was not your typical Easter Sunday.

Aside from the usual parade of gilded crowns, Sunday sermons, and Grandma’s ‘nana puddin’, the world waited for the evening’s event.

The Verzuz platform, a virtual event based homage to classic artists founded by producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, featured a celebration of Earth, Wind, and Fire “against” The Isley Brothers.

Suddenly, mothers and Nana’s everywhere discovered how to access Instagram Live and downloaded the Triller app to see their generational faves school a new flock of music lovers.

However, between the fantastic music and host Steve Harvey’s boy crushing on EWF, there emerged the regalness of the venerable Ronald Isley.

Mr. Biggs surprised the world with a new silver mane worthy of the beard gods and a full-length chinchilla that would have made Max Julien of The Mack proud.

With his instantly recognizable uniquely falsetto voice, Isley crooned his way into the hearts of Sugar Babies and Cougars everywhere.

The term “Zaddy” quickly replaced Mr. Biggs, and the 79-year-old multi-platinum artist became snack-able for women worldwide.

The tattooed faces that have currently redefined what a player looks like, erased from the feminine collective consciousness.

Isley’s penchant for songwriting that compliments women proved timeless, and his svengali level presence cemented his greatness to not only his newfound and consistent female admirers but to artists and men who have been slipping for a minute.

Ron Isley proved that you would prevail if you dedicate your life to craftsmanship, quality, and authenticity. Fly-by-night hitmakers and trend chasers will never become trendsetters. Artists are learning that through the Verzuz platform as it only features artists who have stood the test of time, transcending the charts and into the fabric of time.

For baby boys and wannabe players alike, Ron Isley displayed that class and sophistication will always trump degradation and mediocrity.

The phenomenon that is the newfound appreciation for the Isley effortless cool is a realization of the ingredients of perseverance.

The only epiphany is that it took Ron Isley to break through the zombification of pop culture. Hopefully, from this cultural touchpoint in history, the artists will be patient with their creativity. Women will choose men who want to be held accountable for their image, and men will demand more of themselves.

That will be the phenomenon.

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