Venus Williams’ Latest Renaissance Continues Into Her 10th Wimbledon Semi

    Venus Williams reached the Wimbledon semifinals for the 10th time today, riding a strong serve that produced eight aces, along with a bounce in her step and some impressive returns to a 6-3, 7-5 victory over French Open champion Jelena Ostapenko of Latvia. The 37-year-old Williams continues her remarkable career with her latest renaissance , moving closer to what would be her sixth singles title at the All England Club if she can win two more matches.

    To say that Williams has been on something of a rollercoaster ride thus far this month would be something of an understatement. But it’s really right in line with what the tennis star has been experiencing virtually her entire career.  Intermittently, between the victories and bouts with the debilitating Sjogren’s Syndrome, Williams is forced to live her life in the spotlight of media scrutiny.  

    With that scrutiny came the sideways prognostications of closeted bigots and outright haters over the years who refused to pronounce her and her sister Serena as anything and everything less than what they truly are; phenomenal.  

    Venus Williams’ Fatal Car Crash Surveillance Video Shows Impact | TMZ Sports

    Venus Williams lawfully entered the intersection where her SUV was T-boned by a Hyundai in which the passenger was killed … this according to just-released surveillance video and new police information. SUBSCRIBE — About TMZ Sports: Some of the best stories in sports have been off the field and we’re reporting on athletes from NFL, NBA, UFC, WWE, MLB and more!

    Though they have millions of fans and well-wishers that span the globe, the cult of personality that has sprung up around their smiles, their braids, their toughness and undeniable will to win has a dark shadow. It’s a nefarious counterpart orbiting just opposite their celestial accomplishments, a collective of doomsayers, contrarians and all out haters whose mouths froth and foam at the very idea of causing discomfort and pain to these black icons of a country club sport that is still extraordinarily white.   

    Like a fiery asteroid smashing through a serene prehistoric night sky as harbingers of any bad thing a mind can conceive, the most dangerous practitioners of hateration aren’t just on television or on the radio.  Simply put, they’re everywhere.

    Venus Williams Devastated Discussing Fatal Car Crash She Was Involved In | ESPN

    Mary Joe Fernandez, Darren Cahill and Patrick Mouratoglou react to Venus Williams’ emotional news conference at Wimbledon discussing the fatal car crash she was involved in.

    Last week, there was an unfortunate accident in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in which an elderly man was killed on the scene.  According to the original police version of how it went down, Venus Williams was at fault.  

    When asked of this during a press conference following an early win at Wimbledon, Venus broke down in tears and needed a moment to contain herself.  Ever conscientious and never seeming to lack humility, she took to Facebook and issued an apology to the family of the elder gentleman that died in the accident.

    It wasn’t long after that impassioned statement that TMZ would release video of the accident that clearly showed Venus was not at fault. So, what’s up with the police jumping the gun and naming Venus as being responsible for a man being dead?  

    Seemingly with just about every case involving a celebrity, and definitely with every police involved shooting, law enforcement officials will normally wait for the facts to come in before assigning blame.  

    Venus Williams “Great preparation for me” – Wimbledon 2017 (HD)

    Many Thanks to @SKY SPORTS Venus Williams Press Conference After Match vs Konjuh – Wimbledon 2017 Tags: Jelena Ostapenko vs Venus Williams Highlights – Wimbledon 2017

    However, despite the fact that there was a kiosk with a camera located close enough to record the accident, Venus was prematurely blamed for killing a man and that news was broadcast across the globe.  Could you imagine trying to win one of the most prestigious championships in professional sports while reports of you being responsible for the death of another permeated the airwaves?

    Well, 11th ranked Venus didn’t have to imagine any of that because she actually lived through it. And she has, as she’s done throughout her historical career, persevered.  

    What is certain is that there was a great deal of bias at play with these initial reports of the accident that surfaced, which were quick to assign blame. What is also certain is that Venus has once again shown the fortitude of a champion for simply being able to compartmentalize enough to dispatch a very tough opponent with relative ease, despite the cumbersome weight of celebrity following her wherever she goes..