URL’s Ultimate Madness 2 Semi-Finals Gave The Culture Nothing But Classics

This Saturday’s Ultimate Madness 2 Semi-Finals proved to be the best lyrical sparring of the entire season, proving that the top four emcees who competed — deserved to be in this weekend’s contest. 

Before the actual semi-finals got underway, two additional battles featuring two vets, a top tier, and a young gunner took place. 

The first battle was between Cave Gang’s Young Kannon and New Jersey’s Shotgun Suge. YK was his typical aggressive self, bringing years of skills to the battle against his battle-worn challenger from Jersey. On Suge’s side, he had to show up in a major way … and he did. While many are giving the battle to the Chicago emcee, it can be argued that Suge snuck the win with the focus that has kept him the game for over 10 years.


 The next battle was between the Sensei Saga and Franchise. Getting Franchise into the country had been a struggle for URL, but this weekend they let him in and he surely tried to make the best of it. However, even at his wittiest, he was no match for Th3 Saga …who like Suge had to win. He had to win, if not for his career or for his fans … but for his own sanity. But like the battle before, the competition was feverishly high level.


 Now for the meat!

The Ultimate Madness 2 battles get on their way.

The first battle was between Holmzie da God vs. Danny Myers and the second battle was between Bill Collector vs. Nunn Nunn.

Many might consider these two battles some of the best joints of the year. The tournament saw the birth of a star in Holmzie da God, as he beat the “Bar God” Danny Myers by tapping into the divine energy flowing through his pen. If it was not that, it was the angel on his shoulder as it was revealed that he lost his grandmother not far before the battle. The West Coast battler was a fan favorite — but it was just not his night — just not his $25,000 to win.

 Bill Collector represented the top tier battlers better than any of the vets this season. He knocked the lyrical miracle newbie, Nunn Nunn, down a notch with his classic Billiano style. Was the Carolina emcee fire? Yup. But when it comes to beating the PA piranha, you need more than that or else you’re gonna be food. How did Nunn Nunn expect to win anything against the new D’Ahntonio Vaquaivus Estevez Sr. Nah, B! No wins in this one.

 Look at that! Two of Dre Dennis’ Loud Boys will go head-to-head in two weeks at URL’s biggest event of the year: Summer Madness X … basically, Gates of the Garden is invading Summer Madness!