UAB Calls It Quits on Football Program, Players Get Emotional

The University of Alabama at Birmingham has decided to close the doors on its NCAA football program. After bringing in a private consulting firm to do a campus wide study, UAB officials found that due too upkeep and monetary funds needed it is economically unsustainable to continue running a football program. 


Citing that football itself is do to get more expensive in the future, consultants stated that it could cost upwards of 49 million dollars just for the program and could cost an extra 22 million for facility upgrades. UAB is the only college program since 1995 to shut down its NCAA football program. The commissioner of conference USA stated that "We don't fully understand the decision, nor agree with it, but do respect it and the authority of the UAB administration to make it".

The most emotional player to confront President Ray Watts was 26-year-old Tristan Henderson, a former military policeman in Iraq.