Ty Lue Got The Boot Because Dan Gilbert Can’t Fire Himself

The Cleveland Cavaliers are 0-6 and Ty Lue has been scapegoated. Typical.

Before LeBron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2013, people were all talking about how Dan Gilbert was one of the worst owners in the National Basketball Association. Some even questioned whether he deserved a franchise after a myriad of questionable business practices regarding Quicken Loans, which he founded began coming to light. 

Additionally, when LeBron James got there, it was said that he and not Tyronn Lue who would be calling the plays. However, we never say LBJ demonstratively defiant or acting counter to Lue, unlike how he treated former coaches, Paul Silas, and Mike Brown.

Well, LBJ is off to sunny Los Angeles as a member of the LA Lakers, and Dan Gilbert has decided to part ways with Lue due in large part to the Cavs being winless after six games. Gilbert’s acumen as a team owner was often called into question during Lue’s tenure. He let David Griffin walk after the team won the first championship for Cleveland since 1964.

Dan Gilbert’s Ventures Inevitably Hurt The Poor And Desperate

Nationally, the true nature of the prison industrial complex has come to ever brightening light thanks to increasing awareness gleaned from documentaries like Ava DuVenay’s 13th. Indeed, the avenging angels of law and order that many communities thought they needed back during the Drug Wars of the late ’80s are in fact bedeviling the poor and disenfranchised at a disproportional rate.

Additionally, when Kyrie Irving began mumbling about wanting a trade, Gilbert reportedly ignored LeBron’s wish to have Kyrie come into camp so that they could hash out their difference in a last ditch effort to save their Big 3. Instead, they traded for an injured all-star in Isaiah Thomas, who’s still battling the same injury that severely limited his time in Cleveland.  

So, in essence, Cleveland got nothing for one of the two most clutch point guards in the NBA, with a handle that some say is the best they’ve ever seen. How do you let that happen? Poor management. But, obviously, Gilbert can’t fire himself.  

After watching PF Kevin Love face defenses situated specifically to counter his abilities, and seeing the rest of his team pretty much stand around and watch Love get ambushed, Gilbert chose to forget all the boneheaded decisions he made to place his team in the situation it’s currently in. Gilbert needs a new lackey. It’s behavior typical in a capitalist society as bigwigs are well-versed in the practice of firing individuals to cover up their own mishaps and judgment lapses.  

Indeed, Gilbert, if nothing else, is a capitalist and his actions as owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers prove that in a decidedly negative manner.

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