Two Meathead Goons Throw Hands During Peak Hours At Local Gym | You Decide Who Won

Two guys fight at Fitness Connection
(Twitter Screenshot/@dailyloud)

Two guys working out at a Fitness Connection gym got into a fight during peak hours according to reports. If you’ve ever been to a gym during peak hours, you know how crowded it was at the Fitness Connection. Video of the two men throwing haymakers went viral, and you see the fight moving throughout the gym with bystanders just looking on before eventually breaking it up.

Why Were Two Men Fighting At Fitness Connection?

At first, it’s unclear if the two men are playing or actually fighting. There are a lot of swings and misses, but as the video continues it becomes very clear this is for real.

Maybe one of them jumped in front of the other while he was waiting for the bench? There are strict rules at the gym when working out. Was there an agreement to work in with other, in between sets?

The fight went on for almost two minutes before being broken up. At first the guy in the red seemed to be in control when he caught the guy in the white tee with a punch that sent him sprawling over the weights. The guy in the white tee eventually recovered and started pounding out the guy in the red shirt with a combination of punches and knee lifts.

These were two relatively big dudes. In a tale of the tape they might be in the super middleweight to light heavyweight categories. At one point one of them falls to the ground. At that point the guy with the advantage got some shots in.

You gotta stay on your feet in a fight. When you get to the ground any and everything is possible and you could really get messed up.

Fitness Connection Addresses The Incident 

A spokesperson from Fitness Connection provided comment about the incident.

“We are aware of an incident that occurred inside one of our locations on November 29, 2022,” a statement from Fitness Connection said. “As always, the health and safety of our members and Teammates is of the utmost importance and Fitness Connection strongly condemns any acts of violence, especially within our facilities.”

It’s unclear if any injuries were sustained as a result of the fight or if charges will be pressed by either. If Fitness Connection doesn’t allow violence, the two men’s memberships will probably be revoked.

Gyms are strange places. You would think people just work out and maybe chat with the people they see regularly and keep it moving. But it’s often a place for men hopped up on testosterone and other stuff to “show their dominance.” It’s quite primal.

There’s a lot of grunting, aggressively throwing weights to the ground, flexing and general posturing. Really weird behavior. It’s actually surprising we don’t have more fights in gyms.

Fitness Connection has locations in Nevada, North Carolina and Texas. The majority of the locations are in Texas, so it’s likely the fight occurred at one of the 33 branches in the Lone Star state.

The club’s website states that fighting isn’t permitted:

  • Please help us make everyone feel welcome and comfortable when working out.
  • No profanity.
  • No staring, harassing, taking pictures or video, or fighting.