Twitter Rose Up And Wasn’t Letting Jemele Hill Go Out Like That

    When the news of Jemele Hill’s suspension broke, fans took to Twitter to voice their support of Hill. And guess what- Twitter, especially Black Twitter, wasn’t letting her go out like that.

    Here are some of the best tweets showing how Twitter had her back.

    Josiah Johnson on Twitter

    How Black Twitter getting ready to ride for Jemele Hill after finding out ESPN suspended her

    Shaun King on Twitter

    Jemele Hill was basically suspended for being Black and thoughtful while at ESPN. Her suspension is completely outrageous.

    J. Cole on Twitter

    Protect @jemelehill

    Reverend Al Sharpton on Twitter

    ESPN’s suspension of Jemele Hill is an outrage and should NOT go unanswered. ESPN and advertisers will hear from us!

    Anika Noni Rose on Twitter

    We see you, @jemelehill! We see you and we lift you and your truth aka #TheTruth. You will not be erased. #IStandWithJemele

    Black Girl Nerds on Twitter

    I see y’all tryin to come after Jemele Hill and Lin-Manuel this morning

    Robert Littal on Twitter

    ESPN suspended Jemele Hill as they trot Hank Williams JR every Monday who compared President Obama to Hitler.

    Khaled Beydoun on Twitter

    ESPN will repeatedly feature programming about Muhammad Ali standing up for civil rights. But suspend @jemelehill for doing the same.

    Frederick Douglass on Twitter

    Just a friendly reminder, @espn will air a gun show, but a black woman can’t tell the truth. I’m with @jemelehill.

    Tour on Twitter

    One reason why ESPN suspending @jemelehill makes zero sense is she was suspended for doing what she’s paid to do: be opinionated.

    mike freeman on Twitter

    I think @jemelehill is a patriot. Not one of those fake ass patriots. A real one who cares about her country and direction it’s headed.

    Martellus Bennett on Twitter

    @jemelehill love you sis. Proud to know you.

    Keith Boykin on Twitter

    Black players are 70% of the NFL. We have the power to defend Colin Kaepernick and Jemele Hill from the forces that would silence them.

    The Root on Twitter

    You can’t hire a black person to bring black viewers & then suspend them for being too black” #IStandWithJemele

    Women’s March on Twitter

    @jemelehill, we are with you. Our statement on the suspension of @espn’s Jemele Hill:

    Amy Siskind on Twitter

    Until Jemele Hill is back on-air, @ESPN will be off in our house.