Twitter Reacts To The Most Horrendous Call In Super Bowl History

The Patriots stole a Super Bowl victory as Russell Wilson with a minute and change left on the clock through an interception at the goal line on first down. The obvious question looms large, why not run the ball? Still amazing. Players were very professional on social media following such a heartbreaking loss. 

Doug Baldwin tweeted the obvious…

Russell Okung thanked his supporters and god.

Wilson remained optimistic 

Robert Turbin put in his two cents

Richard Sherman had few words…

Dez Bryant still thought the play could of worked.

Jermaine Kearse is still thankful to be on the Seahawks

Earl Thomas is getting away from it all

The city of Seattle thanked the Seahawks for their sacrifice 

Pete Carroll

NFL on CBS and SB Nation twitter were abuzz with activity 

However the tweets from Gronk and Gisele said it all…

The Patriots are the Super Bowl Champions and I think everyone is still a little confused…

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