Twitter Goes In On NBA For Failing To Recognize Dave Chappelle

The NBA learned a huge lesson on Sunday night and it had nothing to do with LeBron James, the coaching prowess of Brad Stevens, the emergence of Marcus Smart or Isiah Thomas 2017 playoffs full of magic and tragic circumstances.

You dont disrespect Dave Chappelle.

In jest or on purpose. 

During the Celtics Game 3 ECF win over Cleveland, The NBA Twitter account tweeted out a GIF of of comedian Amy Schumer sitting courtside with a fan.

That fan happened to be the worlds best comedian and probably its most well-known in Dave Chapelle. The twitter word went into a frenzy, taking the NBA to task for not knowing that it was Schumer who was sitting next to royalty.

My take is that they knew it was Dave Chappelle and made a bad attempt at being funny. In any event, people sure get their feathers ruffled over the strangest things.

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