Twitter Clowns Chris Paul’s And Rockets’ Attempt To Confront Clippers

It’s safe to say that last night’s western conference match-up between the Rockets and Clippers got a little intense.

In the Clippers 113-102 victory, elbows were flying, whistles were blowing and tempers were flaring, taking us back to the NBA of the 80s and 90s when physicality and payback were expected, and required, parts of the game. But the game didn’t end when the clock hit 00:00; no, things really got interesting after the players headed back to the locker room when Rockets players first attempted to approach the home team Clippers in their locker room. When they were halted from entering, former Clippers guard, Chris Paul, took some of the Rockets through a “secret passage” to their opponent’s locker room but were stopped before things got out of hand.

But Twitter was watching and it had a field day with Paul’s attempt to ambush his former team. Here are some of the best tweets around the events of last night.

KPOP IS TRASH on Twitter

Austin rivers when the rockets pulled up to the clippers locker room

police presence pants on Twitter

leaked security camera footage of chris paul sneaking into the clippers locker room

The Shadow League on Twitter

This sums up the Rockets – Clippers postgame.

The Ringer on Twitter

VIDEO: Exclusive first look at Chris Paul leading his teammates into the secret entrance of the Clippers locker room.

police presence pants on Twitter

chris paul sneaking into the clippers locker room

Daman Rangoola on Twitter

Chris Paul’s been digging this tunnel for years

on Twitter

Houston Rockets

Saylor on Twitter

@AminESPN Wesley Johnson at the secret door

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