Turns Out The Sixers Still Haven’t Hired A Coach

Draft night became hysterical from the get-go. With all of the trade rumors flying around, basketball media consumers reached information overload pretty early on. That's why when it was erroneously reported that the Sixers hired Spurs assistant coach Brett Brown to fill the coaching vacancy in Philly, no one seemed to raise a brow. 

Turns out there was no hire and the Sixers still don't actually have a coach. Both teams have denied the report, even though hiring Brown (or at least somebody) would make a lot of sense  at this point in the off-season. The Sixers obviously aren't in a rush to have any direction on that team, because the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes are just getting started. 

Philly fans weren't sure how to take the news of Jrue Holiday getting shipped to New Orleans, but at least it seemed they had a coach at the end of night. Oh well.