TSL Sports Talk Recap: Pro Boxer Marcus Browne & Scoop Jackson

Former U.S. Olympian and light heavyweight pro boxer Marcus Browne (@marcus_browne) spoke exclusively with TSL Sports Talk before scoring a first-round TKO on Kevin Engel this past Saturday at the Barclays Center.

As most of the light-heavy division champions are overseas, TSL Sports Talk’s host Mark Gray opened up the discussion by asking Browne if he thought it was important for light heavyweight/heavyweight/cruiserweight boxers to make a name for themselves to stimulate more domestic interest in boxing.


“Most definitely yes. Everybody wants to come to America to become a champion and to get the exposure, but at the same time, it’s not just the heavy divisions, it’s every division. Coming out of the 2012 Olympics games, I feel like this team right here [U.S. 2012 Olympic boxing team] is a great pro-style team, and we all have chances to become world champions in our own weight classes. At the end of the day, it’s a beautiful thing and to get the attention back – of course, we’ve got to get the hardware, and that’s the world title – and that’s what we’re doing. We’re staying focused and not overlooking anyone and taking them one fight at a time, one round at a time. You can’t overlook nobody because to become a world champion, you’ve got to take care of these guys that are in front of you now.”

Listen to the full interview below to hear what profound advice Teddy Atlas gave to Marcus Browne, how Browne felt before his upcoming fight this past weekend and more.



Later on TSL Sports Talk, Scoop Jackson of ESPN.com, dropped by to give us an inside look on what’s going on in the NBA with this week’s segment of “Driving the Lane” powered by Ford.

Jackson on Derrick Rose:

“We’re wondering if we’re ever gonna see Derrick Rose healthy, period. And if we do, how long of a period is that going to be? Because he can be playing great for a couple of weeks and something else happens. If you remember, just this season alone, and we’re talking 12 games, maybe 11 games? …That’s four injuries, Mark, in the 12 games, after coming back from missing a year, and none of them are related to the injury he had before.”

Listen to the full segment below to hear what Scoop Jackson had to say about Derrick Rose, Rose’s injuries in comparison to Gilbert Arena & Vince Carter, how the Bulls feel about their franchise player and more. 


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