TSL Film Focus: Victoria Justice Is MTV’s New Eye Candy 

    From the ages 12-19, Victoria Justice captivated the adolescent and teen masses, tickled their comedic curiosities and tackled the light-hearted "problems" of youth in her numerous starring roles on Nickelodeon's various hit cable shows. Justice has moved millions of kids to chuckles with her vibrant and infectious combination of humor, beauty, innocence and awareness. To top it off her melodic voice is on fleek and she can move those hips with the best of them. 


    She's a true triple-threat in the game. Her acting skills are evident as she became one of the major faces of the world's largest kids TV empire (along with Disney) up until she left the station at age 19. Now at the seasoned age of 21, Justice is taking the next step in her burgeoning career, combining a singer-songwriting skill that has helped her sell over 3 million digital downloads to date, with an adult grind focused on maintaining her artistic integrity and brand, while expanding the scope of her acting roles. Her next lick is starring in MTV's new cyber thriller, Eye Candy, based on a book by author R.L. Stine. It debuts Monday, Jan. 26 at 10 p.m. 


    The content is a bit more mature than the shows that catapulted Justice to teen idol status such as iCarlyZoey 101 or  her hit series Victorious — shows that became mainstays in responsible households and helped young girls and boys grow up with confidence, laughter and lessons in values and friendship.


    Credit Justice's current flurry of post-kids-world work with her obvious staying power. Her rich ethnic blend of German, English, Irish (Dad) and Boricua (Mom) reflects the diversity and versatile origins of her talents, fans and and ambitions. As she's blossomed into womanhood, Justice's audience has also matured and maintained a powerful connection. Justice and her fellow Nickelodeon-bred homie Ariana Grande are cornering the hip-pop game in the same impressive and swift fashion that they did the kid-bop market. 

    Thanks to my peeps at PremiereTV I had the honor of  chopping it up a bit with Victoria (via satellite) about her upcoming gigs in TV and motion pictures. 



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