TSL Comic Book Profile: The Duality That Is Venom

The origin of the Venom symbiote originates on the patchwork world crafted by the Beyonder during the original Secret Wars story arc of the late 80s. Since then, the sentient alien symbiote has been bonded with Peter Parker, Eddie Brock, Flash Thompson, Mac Gargan (Scorpion) and Lee Price, among others.  

It was originally the living alien suit of Amazing Spider-Man #252 but evolved into Venom by Amazing Spider-Man #300. The amorphous, liquid lifeform needs to bond with a host to survive and likes to bond with individuals who have ill-feelings toward Peter Parker or Spider-Man, his original host.

Upon merging with a new host, the Venom symbiote will refer to its self in plural pronouns.  

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Over the years, the Venom character has been one of Spider-Man’s greatest nightmares, an enemy with all of his abilities, driven by hate and undetectable by his spider senses, and several degrees stronger than he is, to an Avenger. Now that’s some character growth for you. 



Venom was introduced on the big screen in Spider-Man 3, with Topher Grace playing the role of Eddie Brock. Fans were excited about the character itself but some were less than enthusiastic at the way the character was used on the big screen.  

With Venom getting a new film via Sony Pictures, in conjunction with Marvel Studios, we’re seeing many of the same criticism levied against the first manifestation of the character on the big screen; it doesn’t look like the comic book, Tom Hardy isn’t a good Eddie Brock.  Though we’re uncertain how this will turn out from a quality point of view, particularly because there’s no Spider-Man in the movie, it’s still an exciting prospect to see Venom is on his own film. 

Spider-Man 3: Spider-Man vs Venom Final Fight Scene HD

Spider-Man 3: Spider-Man vs Venom Final Fight Scene HD All rights belong to Sony

There have been several psychotic variations of the Venom symbiote, Carnage being the most dangerously unhinged of them all. While Venom was originally Spider-Man’s worst fear realized due to the former power level and disdain for Peter Parker, Carnage would become Venom’s archenemy. 

Venom is easily one of Spider-Man’s top 10 villains of all-time and his cult-like fans will be first in line to patronage this anti-hero.  Additionally, he was ranked as No. 33 on Empire’s 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters while IGN ranks Venom as #17 on their “Top 50 Avengers” list.  


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