TSL Co-Sign: Pointer Seeker IV

    In between the hulking gloriousness of performance footwear, the mainstreaming of skateboard sneaks, the over-the-top high-end fashion offerings and the repetitiveness of casual kicks, there is but a small sliver of space. Some of us just want to rock some regular summer kicks that aren’t corny. If you are looking for the conduit sneaker that bridges the gap while keeping a bit of individualism, you should check out the British brand Pointer. More specifically, the Seeker IV.

    I’m not usually one for rocking sneakers with a suit. Mostly because the convergence of two drastically different looks comes off as forced and clumsy to me. Ellen Degeneres wears sneakers with suits, after all. If you are that guy and decide to go down that road, then understand that Rule No. 1, is having an appropriate sneaker. You can’t rock a pair of basketball sneakers. I mean, this is a democracy so, yeah, you can…but if you are the sensitive type, the subsequent clowning might be a serious buzzkill. You need a flatter sneaker with a minimalist look. You don’t need a bunch of tacky adornments. The focus is on the suit; that’s why you are wearing it. You need to complement it. Seamless is the goal here. However, if you don’t want it to look like a uniform, you’re going to need a different type of sneaker.

    The Seeker IV certainly qualifies. First thing that stands out is the chambray color. The colorway is called “Black Chambray” on the box, but it looks gray mostly and has an almost high-end denim look. They have a sharp almost-textured visual and while they are seamless, they’re not too seamless. They are noticeable for all of the right reasons. Additionally, they have a white, gum bottom, so the coordination potential and option to go in several directions with how you wear them, is easily identifiable. They’re also very cushioned on the inside. Often, off-court and casual sneakers focus so much on being tech-free, that they suffer in places where they shouldn’t. Remember, these are summertime kicks; the idea is to throw these joints on early in the day and rock them well into the night. You want to be on your feet. The Seeker IVs allow this, and much more.

    To be clear, these are built for dudes who think outside the box with their personal presentation. The idea here is to work hard and play hard, but if you’re the type who likes to slack off in the summer with your style, then these work, too. The opportunities are boundless.