TSL Black History Month: The Beauty Of Being A Boss

From the Philly hoods to The Jimmy Fallon Show, the cover of Sports Illustrated and features in such prestigious publications as Teen Vogue. Just a brief description outlining the journey of Mone’ Davis’ multi-layered American success story. She captivated the sports world and proved to everybody that young girls could hit, catch, throw and pitch as well as the boys. The 13-year-old used her 70 mph-fastball and magnetic personality to make the 2014 Little League World Series one for the ages.

Her presence in the LLWS and the success of her Philly funksters Taney Dragons team, led by her incredible pitching ability, transformed the 68-year-old baseball heaven from an athletic event into a historic movement, which influenced ideas and provoked thought concerning race and gender dynamics in America.  



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