Trump Uses Selfless Day Of Thanksgiving To Attack Black Men & The NFL

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, a day to be thankful for the great things in our lives. 

Our family, friends, health, good luck, etc. Parts of our lives which help us and make us better. It’s also a day of selfless acts, giving back to those who don’t have a lot through food donations or serving Thanksgiving meals to those who are hungry.

But as is the norm for his foolish way of being, Trump decided to use it as a day to praise himself and attack the NFL and its players once again. It’s become a played out activity, one complete with coded messages that we all see through and recognize as methods of trickery to ramp up his base and distract everyone from the fact that his “presidency” is an embarrassment.

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Can you believe that the disrespect for our Country, our Flag, our Anthem continues without penalty to the players. The Commissioner has lost control of the hemorrhaging league. Players are the boss!

It’s become an exhausting, agonizing and brain cell draining practice to respond to Trump’s predictable, divisive and ignorant attacks, particularly through Twitter. But it’s also, unfortunately, become a practice that the real voices of reason, truth and intelligence can’t afford to let pass, so we all must address and respond.

We already know why players are kneeling, and it has nothing to do with disrespecting the Flag, anthem, veterans or the Nation. The ratings are down for a variety of reasons, including cord cutting. Yesterday’s games featured three games and six teams, only two of which have winning records (the Vikings and Lions) and the nightcap between Washington and the Giants featured anemic performances which could only generate 30 points total in an offensive (literally) show of futility. 

But Trump’s reference to the players being the boss is something which many, especially those who really know what Trump is about, recognize as his coded racism in which he vehemently targets Black men. It’s nothing new. The Central Park Five, Colin Kaepernick, LaVar Ball. At this point all he’s really lacking is the utilization of the media employed code word “thug” to describe men of color. If he’s looking for these men, and those who support them, to remain docile, he’s sorely mistaken. It’s actually had the opposite effect, as they have strengthened their resolve in their fight against social injustice.

And for the the teams who have fallen victim to his false narrative and fear of the “reprisals” by choosing to blackball Kaepernick, they are now suffering as their horrendous QB play continues to cost them as they tumble in the standings each week. It’s indisputable at this point; just ask the Broncos and Dolphins.

It’s pathetic to see the world’s “leader” transform a national day of thanks into a self-serving display of vanity and venom, one in which he, unsurprisingly, fuels his mission of ignorance through distractions and an embarrassing need for attention.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and when it comes to Trump’s character and real mission, it’s an inferno.

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