Trump Targets Kaepernick, Proving Why Athletes Can’t Just Stick To Sports

Hurricanes were destroying Houston, Florida and large parts of the Caribbean. But caring people around the world answered the desperate calls for help, sending money, food and supplies to the people and towns in need. President Trump, when not insulting and agitating North Korea, was praised for his response to the hurricanes, watching his approval ratings inch up with every hurricane related tweet. But most of us already knew that “kindness” wouldn’t last for very long and that his venom would return quickly. Tonight, during a rally in Alabama, it did just that.

But he didn’t just target politicians or countries; no, he attacked a private citizen by the name of Colin Kaepernick and all of the other US citizens in the NFL who support his cause.

Shaun King on Twitter

The very moment Trump calls Black NFL players “son of a bitch” and yells that they should be fired. Absolutely disgusting.

So instead of worrying about more important, life threatening issues, Trump did what he always does to appease his base, and that’s go on the attack. Today’s targets were NFL players who protest in silence over social injustice, the very thing which many who support Trump seem to be proponents of. As is his norm, he went off on those undeserving of Presidential scorn, whipping his crowd into a frenzy as they cheered his ignorance and vocalized much of their own.

Shaun King on Twitter

Read the transcript from Trump’s racist rant on Black players in the NFL. It’s WAY worse than I thought.

But you know Twitter wasn’t having it, so they fired up the engines and went to work. Here are some of the best responses to his vile, NFL targeted foolishness:

mike freeman on Twitter

Why are you even bringing up Kaepernick’s name at a political rally in Alabama? Never mind. I know the answer.

Don Van Natta Jr. on Twitter

Bob Kraft, Jerry Jones, Stan Kroenke, Daniel Snyder, Shahid Khan, Woody Johnson & Bob McNair each gave $1M to Trump.

Kent Faulcon on Twitter

DJT wants NFL owners firing protesting playrs & fans to walk out if they protest- let all NFL blk playrs walk out & see what owners/fans do

Zach Brown on Twitter

Trump stay in ur place… football have nothing to do wit u smh

Michael Skolnik on Twitter

@realDonaldTrump has attacked Colin Kaepernick with more conviction than he has NAZIS.

Dave Zirin on Twitter

Trump never played. He’s a toxic armchair violent fantasist who’s lived these fantasies of physical supremacy out through sexual assault.

Full Dissident on Twitter

First, owners have denied employment to qualified players. Now, the president is advocating the same. What will you do, brotherhood? @NFLPA

Shaun King on Twitter

At the root of Trump’s hatred for Obama is the same thing as his hatred for Kaepernick. He despises Black men w/ power he doesn’t give them

So NFL owners who supported Trump, now that your candidate has attacked the very people who generate revenue for you, what say you? And Commissioner Goodell, any comment?

While they’re probably floundering and fidgeting at home, we’ll buy a whole box of tea for our friend, Jemele Hill. 

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