Donald Trump Serves Fast Food To North Dakota State Football Team

He did it again.

The North Dakota State Bison recently became seven-time winners of the NCAA’s Football Championship Subdivision. The team was recently granted the opportunity to visit President Trump at the White House.

As you can remember, last January the Clemson’s Tigers won their College Football Playoff national championship game. The athletes arrived at the White House and were treated to a spread of fast food from Wendy’s and McDonald’s.

This time the menu was slightly different. The Bison players were served a fast food spread of McDonald’s and Chick-fil-a.


Trump told the North Dakota State players that he could have had the White House chef prepare food for them. But instead, opted for a thematic repeat of the menu he offered Clemson during the partial government shutdown.

“I know you people,” Trump said to laughter, noting the Clemson precedent and adding, “We like American companies.”


About 150 members of North Dakota State’s football program, including players and coaches, attended Monday’s event, in addition to republican Senators Kevin Cramer and John Hoeven.

Trump has now hosted six football teams at the White House since taking office in 2016, in addition to the MLB’s Houston Astros and NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins.

Other championship teams, however, have either declined to visit the White House or not received an invitation from the president. Trump has yet to honor a championship basketball team at the White House.

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