Tricking Around Destroyed Secret Agents

Pu**y is a whole different aspect of life Wars don' started from country to country, over they women Pu**y, is one of the most powerful thangs in the world And a lot of people don't understand how powerful Pu**y is Pu**y make niggas, blow they brains out, they bitch brains out Uh, uh, pu**y make people do thangs they never would think they'd do – Devin The Dude, “Power of The Pussy”

Even if you’ve never heard of Devin, it’s essential that you absorb the knowledge he’s spitting in the opening lines of that long-forgotten Jigga track. He’s preaching a sermon for men to heed the power of the opposite sex a.k.a that thang.

That thang is why men dress fly, why they climb the corporate ladder, cop the best ride and make sure their fade stays tight. While that thang can drive one to build success, it can also lead to the destruction of one’s world.

I’m not just talking about your girlfriend discovering your sidepiece and having to sleep on the couch for a week. I’m talking about global humiliation and total inhalation of everything you’ve ever worked for.

That’s right CIA director David Petraeus and top U.S. commander General John Allen, I’m looking at you.

Petraeus and Allen are the latest casualties in the never-ending battle against the good-good . How good was it you ask? It was so good that it made both of them forget years of clandestine, military secret agent training so that their affair was uncovered by a simple g-mail account (face palm). Reports say Allen was so sprung that he and the side chick exchanged nearly 30,000 pages of emails. What’s even worse is that the extent of “flirting” in the emails consisted of him calling her “dear” and “sweetheart”. If that’s as far as you can get in 30,000 emails your thirst must be strong and your game weak .

Petraeus thought he was being smart by using a tactic that terrorists and teenagers use to communicate. He and the woman shared a g-mail account where they wrote messages and left them in the account as drafts. They never sent the messages so there would be no electronic paper trail.

C’mon son.

The government found Osama in the desert and you didn’t think they could crack open a free g-mail account and find your draft messages. Any sane person would think that way. However, that cookie had Petraeus’ mind gone.

Adultery is nothing new or surprising, but what is dumbfounding is how often men repeat the same mistakes. For instance, email is a sure fire way to get caught up. Then there is always the sexy photo mistake. One of the agents involved in the case allegedly sent bare-chested photos of himself to a woman involved in the case.

Did he not see Brett Favre slip up the same way with a picture of his member ? Or maybe he missed Anthony Weiner making everyone smile with a twitpic of his head of state .

The goodies can be so controlling that you don’t even have to do wrong in order for it to mess up your life. For example, Kris Humphries, a once little-known Brooklyn Nets player landed on the top of the Forbes 2011 list of the most disliked NBA players after having a ridiculously lavish wedding and then getting divorced by Kim Kardashian 72 days later. Before Kim K and her infamous thang walked into his life, he was busy toiling away in anonymity in the lower ranks of the NBA. Now, he’s most famous for being Kim K’s ex. You hear that, Kanye?

No one is safe from the ruthlessness of the good-good, not even the mild Frenchman Tony Parker. He landed on the same most hated list after getting a divorce from Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria – who is rumored to have cheated on him. He then got caught up in the middle of a separate incident between Drake and Breezy, rumored to be fighting over Rihanna in a club. Parker almost lost his eye in that one – but maybe that would have helped him keep straight.

Even if Petraeus and Allen did miss the stories of these men who were burned by the goodies, how could he miss Kobe Bryant’s Colorado rendezvous heard round the world? Bryant not only almost lost his wife, his career and all his endorsements; he almost lost his freedom just because he got bored in the hotel room one night.

Tiger Woods, Bobby Petrino, Chipper Jones… the list of prominent men brought down by women goes on.

I would say men have got to do better but I know it’s falling on deaf ears. This has been going on since the beginning of time, i.e. Helen of Troy whose thang started that pesky Trojan War leading to the fall of one of history’s strongest empires. It’s just how things go.

Want to know how women do it? There really is nothing magical; it’s just about how society views sex and how women are the personification of it. Society has over sexualized women so much that the mere mention of stepping out with someone other than your significant other places you in a category of questionable morals.

Lawyer and social commentator, Carolyn Edgar emphasized how America hasn’t come to grips with sex so when it’s revealed that one diverges from sexual norms or violates the bonds of marriage, Americans are not mature enough to cope. Sex is the smoking bullet, able to bring down any average man, athlete or thirsty secret agent.

Committing an actual crime, such as drunk driving or getting caught with marijuana is probably less detrimental to ones persona than a sex scandal or failed relationship with a famous female.

The lesson in all this scandal is, go on, go ahead and cheat. Just make sure that ride on the slip and slide is worth losing your job, house, money and possibly your freedom like the many men before you.

Because one thing is for certain, that thang do be hitting — in more ways than one.

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