Trey Lance Finding His Rhythm, Might Be The Real Deal | Is He The 49ers’ Answer At QB?

Good news, 49ers fans. Trey Lance is looking like the real deal. The future of San Francisco’s franchise is set to be in good hands. Trey Lance is reportedly in extremely great rhythm with his offense, and that’s a good thing for their superstars George Kittle and Deebo Samuel.

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According to Matt Maiocco of, Lance is in great shape with his offense, and is starting to make huge strides throwing the ball and making the correct reads. 

“For me, just trying to come out here every day and trying to get better, taking it one step at a time, especially with these practices,” Lance told Maiocco. “One step at a time, one day at a time, and just continuing to groove with these guys.”

The 49ers and the Vikings had a joint practice ahead of their Week 2 Preseason game, and while Deebo Samuel called it a “waste of time,” Lance saw this as an opportunity to get better. 

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The former North Dakota Bison star went 23-for-35 on passes in the two joint practices. Most of his passes went to George Kittle, who is undoubtedly going to be his most targeted receiver aside from the dual-threat Samuel.

The fact that he is developing chemistry with these receivers is a good sign for the 49ers, because they will be responsible for the majority of the offense’s production this season. 

“Playing football, it’s kind of throwing where the defense tells me where to throw the ball,” Lance said. “I don’t just go back and pick a guy. … But, yeah, absolutely I’m finding rhythm.” Lance told Maiocco.

This might be the moment for Lance where the game begins to slow down for him, and with this newfound confidence and chemistry with his receivers it looks to be a strong year. With Lance being a dynamic dual threat as well, the sky’s the limit for this offense.

The 49ers’ estranged QB Jimmy Garoppolo is done in the Bay Area, and he is basically just sitting tight, awaiting the call from his agent letting him know he’s been traded. With the 49ers all but moving on from Jimmy G, they’re finally giving his replacement the keys. 

Lance was selected last year with the third overall pick of the draft, and at the time there were a lot of questions regarding this pick by the 49ers.

Because of COVID-19, Lance only played in 19 total college games in three seasons, but the North Dakota Bison won every game with him at the helm.

His first year in the NFL, he didn’t play a lot because Garoppolo still led the team, and they were only two years removed from a Super Bowl appearance with one of the best defensive front sevens in football.

So for the first time in his NFL career this will be his team, and the world can take a long look at who Trey Lance is.

The 49ers’ first game of the regular season will be on Sept. 11, against the Chicago Bears. All eyes will be on Lance, barring any preseason injuries, and he will be looking to show off his chemistry with his team.

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