Top 5 Running Backs: No. 4 Marshawn Lynch

Remember that run against the Saints?

I mean, yeah, of course you remember it, but when’s the last time you watched it? This is about the upcoming season, no doubt, but just look at it and then we can reconvene.

It’s still brilliant, isn’t it? The legend of “Beast Mode” was born that day, and since then, neither Marshawn Lynch nor the Seattle Seahawks have been the same. Last year, everything broke just right and Seattle ended up having one of the best seasons in franchise history. This is a team filled with stars ­– Wilson, Okung, Wagner, Sherman, and of course Lynch.

In fact, “Beast Mode” was here first, establishing himself the moment he got to Seattle as a downhill battering ram who could instill confidence in teammates and stress in opponents. Last year, he gained nearly 1600 yards and 11 TDs on a chest-pouting five yards a carry. His ability to run by guys is impressive, but his penchant for running through arm tackles, leg tackles and body tackles is what makes him stand out.  At only 27, he’s nowhere near done, and with Seattle’s window for opportunity not just open but with the glass kicked out, he’s about to explode on the national scene.

Unless a DUI arrest from last year turns into a suspension (which is unlikely since a court date probably won’t take place before the year ends and the NFL won’t suspend anyone until a case is resolved), there’s no reason to count against the Seahawks or Lynch. This is a team, especially an offense, on the rise. As the passing game matures, teams will be forced to play more coverage and that means there will be one less person on the line to handle Lynch. That spells trouble for every team in the NFL.

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