Tony Allen Hit Chris Paul With The Jon Jones Combo

Tony Allen takes a lot of pride in his defense. His offensive repertoire is so rudimentary that it's the value he presents in the NBA. On Monday night, he did everything in his power to prevent Chris Paul from making history. With a double-double, Paul would become the econd player ever beside Magic Johnson to score 10+ points and dish 10+ assists in each of his first 11 games of the season.

Every team could use a Tony Allen. Especially, the defensively-challenged Clippers. Eleven minutes into the Allen-CP3 matchup, Paul probably wished he wasn't facing Paul. When Paul drove the line, head-faked Allen into the air and made contact with aul's face. Following the Chuck Norris leg extension, Allen was assessed a Flagrant 2 after they deemed it to "unnecessary and excessive" and was ejected. Paul proceeded to drop 18 points, 11 assists and clean up nine boards.

Paul has a reputation for embracing the melodramatic, but I assure you, this was not a flop. Last season, Zach Randolph and Blake Griffin wrestled one another in the post before Z-Bo tried to strangle Blake Griffin. Moments like these are when the Clippers need a crazy man on their roster like Kevin Garnett or Ron Artest to discourage teams from pulling teams like this.

Even 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks thinks that was ugly to watch.