Tom Brady Says There’s Never Been Anyone Like Darrelle Revis

    Tom Brady played against a lot of good defensive players in his 13-year career, but he says none of them equal Darrelle Revis. The Patriots will face Revis this weekend when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers roll into town, so Brady has the misfortune of playing Revis despite the Jets' best efforts to make his life easier. 

    Brady oozed praise for his defensive foil.

    “There’s nothing negative about his playing style, there’s nothing negative about his skill set. He can really do it all. He’s fast, he’s quick, matches up against small guys, matches up against big guys. He’s really long, he’s really strong, he’s patient. Some guys you really guess all the time and sometimes you guess wrong, he never guesses wrong. He’s smart, he sees the whole field. I’ve never played against anyone who is as good as him. He’s as good as there is that I’ve ever played against, so you just have to be careful when you throw his way because you know he’s going to be close.”

    He went on to eliminate any doubt, and possibly just to see Richard Sherman react on Twitter.

    “I mean there are some great corners I’ve been able to play against: Champ Bailey, Patrick Surtain, and that goes back a few years, but yeah Charles Woodson, I mean I love the way he plays the game still. But I mean Darrelle is certainly at the top,” Brady said.