Tom Brady Gets Phantom Roughing The Passer Call In His Favor From The Ref In Falcons Game | Gisele Divorce Sympathy Much?

NFL officials are already overprotective of quarterbacks, but there is no QB they protect more than the “golden boy,” Tom Brady. Late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons, Brady was sacked on third down, which would’ve forced a punt on fourth down. Instead the refs called roughing the passer on Grady Jarrett, automatic first down, and the Bucs hold on to win 21-15.

Look, we all know Brady is about to go through a potentially difficult public divorce from his estranged supermodel wife Gisele BΓΌndchen. As human beings we can all have empathy for him. As much as you can for a multi millionaire superstar athlete with a supermodel wife …

But the refs in Sunday’s game took it a step too far, don’t you think? It’s almost like there’s a conspiracy to ensure that Brady and the Bucs win so that his return from “retirement” wasn’t all for naught.

Veteran NFL referee Jerome Boger said that Jarrett unnecessarily threw Brady to the ground.

With all due respect to Boger, this is professional tackle football. Tackling a quarterback in the pocket is commonly referred to as a sack. That’s what it looked like to everyone in that stadium, including the broadcasters on the call.

Falcon’s head coach Arthur Smith took the high road when asked about the egregious call in his postgame presser. The usual spiel about being better as a coach and “not seeing the film.”

“I didn’t talk to (the officials). I’m not going to comment on that. I have to figure out what I can do from a coaching standpoint. I’m not going to get into that. I haven’t seen the film.”

You don’t need to see film, Arthur. You know it was BS, you just don’t want to get fined or “make excuses.” But the Falcons were in the midst of a comeback, and while blaming officials for losses is usually a fool’s errand, in this particular case it’s hard to see how it didn’t likely alter the outcome of the game.

It’s instances like this that make Brady unlikeable to fans on opposing teams. They know he’s good. He’s generally regarded as the greatest quarterback of all time. He shouldn’t get help from the officials too.

There are many instances throughout Brady’s career where it seems like he asks for a flag to be thrown and he more often gets it. And of course there was “spygate” and “deflategate”.

For as great as he is, there shouldn’t be this kind of “Brady Rules” halo around him. It cheapens his standing.

Somehow Brady is now an underdog in need of rescuing?

NFL officials, adult film stars, everyone needs to help poor Tom Brady it seems. It’s incredible.

Either way it counts as a win on the ledger for Brady and the Bucs and maybe he should be grateful. He might not be racking up too many wins in that department once the divorce proceedings get underway, or maybe the judge and/or arbitrator in that case will feel he needs to help too.

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