Tiger Woods’ Dubai Golf Resort Plans Get Scrapped 

Tiger Woods had some big plans for the Dubai golf resort he was designing. Villas, mansions, a boutique hotel, even a golf academy, the course would have had it all. How it will turn out, though, is no longer Tiger's concern, according to Golf Talk Central:

ArabianBusiness.com reported Tuesday that Dubai Properties Group, a unit of Dubai Holding, has "dissolved" its partnership with Woods, after his signature golf estate was suspended in 2010 amid the economy crisis and never revived.

Though the world's No. 1 golfer has backed out before the project started, he still got his paper. The company paid Woods $55.4 million in 2008 after agreeing to craft the golf resort. Tiger won't get a decked-out, futuristic golf resort under his name, but his reputation got him a boatload of cash. In the end, he probably won't be too disappointed. 

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