Three Scenarios For Carmelo Anthony After OKC Dumps Him

    Carmelo Anthony finds himself in a familiar position entering next season with OKC. Coming off the worst season of his career and a first-round playoff loss, the Thunder are looking to dump the 10-time All-Star rather than having to pay him another whopping $27.9 million next season.  

    The 33-year-old former scoring champion averaged 16.2 points, 5.8 rebounds and 1.3 assists while shooting just 40.4 percent from the field this year. His Player Efficiency Rating (12.7) was a career low in that category, per Basketball Reference. He’s a far cry from his Denver and early Knicks days. 

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    (2008) Carmelo Anthony drops 33 points in one quarter!

    The Thunder are expected to explore trade options for Melo if he declines the early-termination option in his contract to remain with the team for the 2018-19 NBA season.

    Theres not a team in the NBA that would take on that contract at this point in Melos career.  Hes definitely in the twilight and his inflexibility with coming off the bench makes him almost immovable because hes not a starter anymore, but refuses to accept it. 

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    Carmelo Anthony reminds me of how Iverson’s career ended. Never played in the NBA after age 34 because he had too much pride to come off the bench.

    That doesnt leave Melo with many options, but we’ll try to think of a few for the OG who was nonexistent late in games in losing the Utah series. 

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    Carmelo Anthony was M.I.A. in the 4th Quarter this series against the Jazz… Game 1: 4 Points Game 2: 0 Points Game 3: 0 Points Game 4: 0 Points Game 5: 0 Points Game 6: 0 Points

    Stay In OKC

    Melos declining play makes risking an opt out a foolish financial move as hes slated to rake in $27.9 million next season and he cant get anything close to that on the market now. It probably won’t be a pleasant final season, similar to Melo when he was hanging on with the Knicks, eating up massive payroll but not producing any victories and wearing thin on the fans and management. 

    Take Less Cash, Work Out A Major Move

    Find a way to take less cash or defer some money and get himself onto Houston or Golden State or maybe even a Boston, accept a bench role and win himself a championship ring on the way out. Too bad Melo doesnt realize that winning that ring will change the complexion of his career. 


    Thats always an option. Melo has made hundreds of millions in the NBA and he’s had a long, fruitful career. He never achieved championship glory, but neither did Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Chris Mullin and other deserving icons. Hes a first ballot Hall of Famer if he retires today. He’s not willing to be a complimentary veteran bench piece for anybody. 

    Thunder exit interview – Carmelo Anthony

    Thunder foward Carmelo Anthony says he won’t take a bench role, reflects on the sacrifices of this season.

    Options arent plentiful for Melo. I tried to think of five and could only muster three. Hes no longer a shot caller. Those days are over. Hopefully he doesnt have to find out the hard way, but he’ll be OK because he’s loaded and has no regrets. 

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