Three Average Offenses Antonio Brown Could Make Elite

Green Bay, Seattle and Tennessee could benefit greatly from Antonio Brown’s addition to their offensive arsenal.

After meeting with Steelers ownership and amicably agreeing to part ways, Antonio Brown is open for business to the other 31 NFL teams.

The premiere receiver in the game is now calling the shots and hoping to continue to get paid after he’s traded.  Some folks are  still critical of the way he has strong-armed his situation; similar to how NBA superstar players are empowering themselves and controlling their futures.

With Brown using social media to keep us abreast of his workout regimen and encouraging teams to “hit my phone”,  it seems he has outdiva’d T.O. and the over-the-top, drama kings who have paved the way for his showtime business approach.

Antonio Brown Instagram Live Video

Mr. Big Chest Brown lets the world know he will want guaranteed money from his next team


With Brown leaving Pittsburgh, here are three offenses, with elite to potentially-elite QB’s who would benefit the most from AB’s arrival.

Green Bay 

Aaron Rodgers could put all of the struggles and injuries of last season behind him and start 2019 with a new toy under his tree. A healthy Rodgers teaming with the multi-talented and charismatic Brown and Davante Adams would probably give the gifted quarterback the greatest set of weapons he’s ever had.

Seattle Seahawks

While Rodgers has thrown to elite receivers over the years, Russell Wilson has never had a Top 10 receiver on his team and he’s managed to become one of the best passers in the league, throwing to dudes that are sub-par at best. Golden Tate was probably the best pass-snatcher he’s ever had.

Even with Wilson flexing his brilliance and mastery of the position, Seattle ranked 27th in net passing yards per game (193) in 2018.

With Wilson’s clutch gene, accuracy and ability to create, adding Brown as his primary weapon could result in a record-breaking season for both players. Wilson has done more with less for so long. 

For once, give him his Jerry Rice or Randy Moss. Let Russell show us what he can do with a player on the field that’s as good as he is. We’ve never seen that. The closest we came to it was when he had Marshawn Lynch.

Tennessee Titans

The world has been waiting for Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota to finally have that breakout season and justify being an overall No. 2 pick in 2015.

Mariota’s been solid, but he’s never thrown for over 3,500 yards in a season. He’s thrown for more than 20 TD’s one time. 

He’s never had a great offense and elite playmakers around him. Adding a player of Brown’s caliber to the mix could take Mariota and Tennessee’s pedestrian offense to the next level. The Titans were 29th out of 32 teams in net passing in 2018 and had just one receiver with more than 500 receiving yards.

That would change dramatically with Brown’s arrival.  

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