“Those Trade Calls Are Coming” | Ravens And Lamar Jackson Are Reportedly $100M Apart In Contract Negotiations

The Baltimore Ravens and franchise quarterback Lamar Jackson have been at a contract impasse since last offseason. Unable to reach agreement, the 2019 unanimous MVP played the 2022 season on the fifth and final year of his rookie deal. Jackson once again didn’t finish the season due to injury, as he did in 2021, bringing his style of play into question.

Ravens’ Concern With Jackson’s Health A Contract Issue? 

While the Ravens won’t say it out loud, there are now concerns about Jackson’s durability, and that amongst other things is a likely sticking point in contract negotiations. Plus Jackson reportedly wanting a fully guaranteed deal, which the Ravens are seemingly balking at.

ESPNs Jeremy Fowler even reported that the two sides are monetarily a ways apart on a new deal. And while it’s still early with the league year still over a month away, rumors of trade possibilities have begun to fester.

“Those trade calls are coming. I don’t get the sense that that process has heated up, in part because teams are assuming Jackson will be tagged. It’s still very early on this one,” Fowler said.

The Ravens have the capability of franchise tagging Jackson twice if they need to. But the belief is if they do so the former Heisman Trophy winner may hold out and force a trade.

Jackson Has Earned A Big Payday

Jackson’s work on the field is unquestioned. Boasting a career 70 percent winning percentage, 49-21, the dynamic Jackson has single-handedly carried the Ravens at times. Jackson deserves to be paid handsomely. He’s more successful than some quarterbacks making significantly more than he is. One other factor in Jackson’s inability to go deep in the playoffs has been his lack of perimeter weapons since arriving in Baltimore. But Jackson has still overperformed on a weekly basis, and he does deserve a significant contract. 

Jackson And Ravens Over $100M Apart?

With the contract still in limbo and reports that Jackson is going to be on the trade block, what happens with LJ8 is the biggest story of the offseason.

Just ask Pro Bowl cornerback Marlon Humphrey, who’s constantly taken Jackson’s side. The elite cover corner said he was bombarded with that question the entire weekend at the Pro Bowl.

The former Alabama Crimson Tide star tweeted this.

“Every time I try I’m met with, are y’all gonna pay Lamar,” Humphrey wrote.

New OC Hire Will Be Huge, In Jackson Re-Signing

With offensive coordinator Greg Roman stepping down, this is a big opportunity for the Ravens to make some key changes. First, it’s imperative that the organization gets Jackson some quality receiver help. Rumors are Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy or Byron Leftwich could be the choice to fill Roman’s shoes, and either would do wonders for Jackson and landing quality free agents.

The Ravens can’t miss on this hire, it’ll go a long way in determining what happens with Jackson, their franchise player. Meanwhile, Jackson hasn’t said much, and the Ravens have said even less about where contract negotiations stand. 

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