“This Is Not True! But We Would Love To Have Him” | Cowboys Micah Parsons Contradicts Owner Jerry Jones’ Statement On Tyrann Mathieu; Is The Honey Badger Headed To Big D?

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is out here running his mouth. But what else is new. On his weekly radio appearance in Dallas on Monday, Jones said the Cowboys met with free agent safety Tyrann Mathieu last weekend and that Mathieu and Cowboys defensive star Micah Parsons talked football for over two hours. Parsons hopped on Twitter and said it wasn’t true, but they’d love to have Mathieu. What game is Jones playing?

This is not true!! But we would love to have him!!

Jerry Jones telling tall tales would be no big surprise. That’s what men in his position often do. But this is such an odd thing to lie about. If he is indeed lying as Parsons said, then Mathieu would also know it wasn’t true. Sometimes it’s best not to say anything, Jerry …

In any event, signing Mathieu would fit with the Cowboys and their lust for stars. That’s their brand.

The Cowboys finished second in total DVOA last season and first in weighted DVOA. They were No. 2 in pass DVOA and 16th in rush DVOA. Adding a three-time All-Pro with a high football IQ would make the defense even more formidable.

The “Honey Badger” has already hinted that he might not be back with the Kansas City Chiefs. Earlier this month he posted a cryptic message on Twitter about the Chiefs replacing him, and placed three fire emojis under a photo of him in a New Orleans Saints jersey.

Mathieu is from New Orleans and was a prep star at St. Augustine High School. He went on to star at LSU, earning All-America and All-SEC honors. He was also the SEC defensive player of the year and the Chuck Bednarik Award winner as the best defensive player in the nation.

If he wants to win another Super Bowl, staying in Kansas City seems like the best option. You have the best quarterback in the league in Patrick Mahomes and a team that’s proved they know what it takes to win.

The Cowboys talk a big game. But every season they seem to fall short one way or another. This team has some deficiencies that will prevent them from winning a Super Bowl. Mathieu won’t solve all of them.

It might come to down to money. The 29-year-old is still excellent, but in an unforgiving sport at a punishing position the odds are this will be Mathieu’s last big payday.

Jerry often finds a way to open up the checkbook and pay for the player he wants. We’ll see if that’s the case with Mathieu. Either way it will be an interesting offseason.

As to why Jerry is out here apparently telling lies in these streets, who knows. This man lives in his own universe and probably believes everything he says in one form or another is the truth. His truth. That’s the benefit of being the owner of the Cowboys and one of the wealthiest men in America. It’s his world, everyone else is just living in it.

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