This Day In Sports: Grant Fuhr Inducted Into Hockey Hall Of Fame

The Shadow League has, from time to time, touched on some important aspects of hockey and its history as it continues to diversify and shed its image as a white-only sport. There’s definitely some new Black blood percolating on various NHL ice rinks. 

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Hockey’s racial, generational and cultural divide won’t slow P.K. Subban:

On this day in 2003, however, the most dominant brother to ever lace up a pair of skates was inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame. 

Even if you werent a huge hockey fan growing up in the ’80s, the names Wayne Gretzky and Grant Fuhr rings bells. Fuhr was a black puck on white ice from Canada, breaking down color barriers and having a Jackie Robinson type influence on the game of hockey. 

While Gretzky and his band of offensive monsters got all of the press, Fuhr was the impenetrable, proud Black goalie that defensively helped lift the Oilers dynasty to five Stanley Cups as a seven-time All-star. 

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GoalieMaskHalloween Hall of Famer Grant Fuhr and his fantastic mask. @TheOilersRig @OilersNation @oilersbuzztap

In 2017, Fuhr was named one of the 100 Greatest NHL Players in history. One of hockeys unforgettable trendsetters, he was the first black goalie in the NHL and the first black player to win the Stanley Cup. When his career was over, he was the first black player inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame

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Five Stanley Cups and an always-cool demeanor. Grant Fuhr is one of the 100 Greatest NHL Players. #NHL100 Bio:

A legend, pioneer and fearless integrator on the hockey landscape should be celebrated for not only bringing color to the ice, but rising to the top of his craft while carving his own niche in black history and shining as an example of what is possible for people of color when exposed to new opportunities. 

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