Things Get Chippy In Miami As Heat Level The Bulls And The Series

Neither the Miami Heat nor the Chicago Bulls resembled the squads that met in Game 1 of the series on Wednesday night, a Miami cruised to a 115-78 victory over Chicago. The offensively-challenged Bulls couldn't keep it close in the second quarter, and it was downhill from there – but not without some intrigue.

This one was chippy from the jump, and the refs worked hard to control it. They dished out several technicals in the first half in the hopes that cooler heads would be forced to prevail. They did for the Miami Heat, who weren't indimidated or bothered in the slightest by the rough tactics. Nor did they back down, dishing out some low blows of their own.

Things got out of hand in the fourth quarter when the Heat were threatening to double up the Bulls. Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson were both ejected, with Gibson dropping the classic, “F U MFER” twice to the referees.

The Bulls will be in trouble all series long if they can't keep the score close with their defense, but they'll still head back to Chicago happy to have a game in hand.

Game 3 is Friday. Will Derrick Rose make an appearance?

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