The Weekend In Tweets 3.18.2013

Selection Sunday brought a lot of surprises including Kentucky becoming only the 5th defending champion to not return to the big dance. The Miami Heat are still rolling, extending their winning-streak to 22 games and counting. NASCAR is heating up the track, and Twitter beefs. Cheers to the weekend and your great tweets to recap it all.


It was a bad call.

That was a bit scary.

Don’t be a sore loser.

That’ll shut him up.

Our society has a long way to go.

We call that lemon booty.


I get what he’s saying, but he’s tripping.

Don’t sleep on Doug.

That has to be an awesome feeling.

I’d love to have met him.

Guess he did something right.

Support starts at home.

They’ll never see it.

I was surprised you didn’t make it, but it’s good for the NIT.

Who have they beaten?

Good point.

That’s dope.

I’m with the Dominicans.

Get that hate out of your heart, Kenyon.

You’re absolutely right.

It would ruin the game as we know it.

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