The U.S. Government Has Forgotten About Puerto Ricans. Carmelo Hasn’t.

Puerto Rico was completely ravaged by Hurricane Maria and left many on the island destitute. For days, then weeks, then months, thousands upon thousands of Puerto Ricans were left in the dark, literally and figuratively. In a segment with CNN’s Van Jones, Carmelo Anthony believes the federal government “completely turned their back” on the island of Puerto Rico. 

CNN on Twitter

NBA star Carmelo Anthony, whose father is Puerto Rican, tells @VanJones68 that the United States government “completely turned their back” on Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Watch the full interview tonight at 7 p.m. ET. on #VanJonesShow

Melo’s more than justified to feel this way. After 10 months since the hurricane made landfall, there were still some people who didn’t have power. The U.S. allowed American citizens to be treated in this way.

David Begnaud on Twitter

Just got some great news to end what has been a productive day on the island of Puerto Rico – a couple without power for 10 MONTHS , just got it back tonight. The lights are on, and they are celebrating.

There was a Harvard study that stated that more than 4,600 Puerto Ricans could have died as a result of Hurricane Maria and there still isn’t much clarity as to what happened here and what went so terribly wrong. Melo believes gross negligence and indifference hurt many of his fellow Puerto Ricans.

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