The Top Five Most Bizarre Moments From The Career Of Metta World Peace       

The player formerly known as Ron Artest has reportedly been amnestied by the Los Angeles Lakers. Could this be the end for Ron Ron? If so, Artest will undoubetly be remembered as one of the most controversial and unpredictable athletes of all-time. The following is a list of MWP's top 5 most ridiculous moments.


5) Circuit City

Ron-Ron during his rookie season with the Bulls, decided that he needed to apply for a second job to make ends meet. Seriously. 


4) Michael Jackson Tribute

MWP aka Tru Warier records the greatest tribute of all time for the late great Michael Jackson. It's debatable isn't it? C'mon!


3) Hennessy

Artest admits that he got his drank on during halftime of NBA games, while with the Chicago Bulls. 


2) Table Leg

Ron, the undisputed King of the bizarre interviews, delivered a very awkward story after a playoff game versus the Lakers. Shockingly, this story happens to be true. 


1) "Shoutout to my Psychiatrist"

World Peace unforgettably shouts out his shrink during his post game inteview after winning game Seven of the 2010 NBA Finals. Queensbridge all day.

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