The Rock’s Daughter Simone Johnson Begins WWE Training

    WWE legend Dwayne The Rock Johnsons oldest daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson has reportedly begun training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

    The Rock’s Daughter Has Started Training at WWE Performance Center

    The Rock’s daughter looks to be joining the family business sooner than expected … as Pro Wrestling Sheet can confirm Simone Johnson is training on a part-time basis at the WWE Performance Center. Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to Pro Wrestling Sheet for more great videos!

    According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, Johnson has been training at the center on a part-time basis for the past few months.

    Satin also added its believed that the 17-year-old will begin training at the Performance Center in a more serious manner soon.

    This past May, The Rock discussed his daughter’s interest in joining WWE and supported the idea of a wrestling career saying, “I love the idea. We had this big conversation, she came with me to Hong Kong [and] Beijing. I said, ‘Honey, whatever your passion is, I support that.’ And wrestling was good to me, I started my career in Madison Square Garden. So, yeah, bring it on, she’s going to be a champ.”

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