The Return Of Pontiac rapper JC to the URL Stage Secures Win, But Opens Door for Newbie

The Ultimate Rap League hosted the second in their 2020 “Rookies vs. Vets” series and the battle was a bonafide classic.

Kid Chaos is new to the URL stage, only battling with the franchise a few times. However, each time he has proven himself worthy to be whispered in the company of the elite class of battlers known for their pen. His battle against Street Hymns at “Banned Legacy 2” did one thing … got the preacher straight out of there. By the time he got to “Banned Legacy 3” with J Krooger, he showed off his ability to mix writtens with witty rebuttals worthy to be in the same round as those he took time to craft. Once he got to Ultimate Madness 1 and he battled Lu Castro and Real Sikh, he started to solidify himself as one of those ones that have to be dealt with differently.

This is why when he asked for one of his favorite wordsmiths during “RVV,” his request was granted. JC gave him the shot … and battle rap culture, with all the chokes and fumbles that we have experienced over the last few months, is all the better.

Why is JC Kid Chaos’ favorite?

Remember that aforementioned elite class of battlers known for their pen … JC is not only a member but for the last ten years has been creating the by-laws for their annual meetings at marque cards and validated the dues members must pay through their mastery of wins and wordplay.

He is a battler that can ask for Loaded Lux and Tsu Surf, and while the artists might blow it off, the fans envision the lyrical collisions. He is a veteran in this game with not too many clear losses, a gallon of debatables with superstars, just as many wins with superstars, and more classics under his belt than should be feared. His taking Chaos is not just a gift, but the equivalent of manna falling from heaven to God. It gave the young emcee life while allowing all the rest of us an opportunity to ask “What is it that we are actually seeing?”

We saw two gifted emcees in combat like Mayweather vs. McGregor, Tyson vs. Holyfield, or Silva vs. Sonnen. Yes, the two displayed the amazing skills that we want from lyricists on the number platform for battle rap, but they also had aggression. Aggression is not the right word, they had passion. One because defending one’s honor requires you to care. JC cares. He cares a lot about how he is seen in the rap space as a man. He cares about this title as a vet on the URL platform. Moreover, he cares about who gets to come in the door after he opens it.

And now that Kid Chaos has walked through the vestibule of battle rap, with JC holding the door and letting him step in, the last question to ask is “Is URL ready?”

At least, Smack thinks so.