The Percy Harvin Effect

Percy Harvin used to be known as a dangerous playmaker, whose attitude was spurred on by his high level of play. These days he seems to be known for being a toxic player, a locker room cancer and rumored to be an undercover boxer (allegedly). Harvin’s documented history of misconduct begins in Minnesota, where the Vikings were never shy about the realization that Percy Harvin often contributes more to a team’s problems than its solutions.

Former Viking’s head coach Brad Childress and Harvin hated each other, often fighting and bringing negative energy in the locker room. It took all of Harvin’s teammates in Minnesota to keep him from punching Childress after a bad play call. Childress enraged Harvin by accusing him of faking an ankle injury to skip practice. The Vikings would trade Harvin to Seattle for a first round pick cornerback Xavier Rhodes, seventh round pick Travis Bond (who has been released) and a third round pick in last year’s draft, Jerick McKinnon, currently the Viking’s starting running back.

The Seahawk’s love affair with Harvin during the offseason was overt, with the team stating that they were “tailoring their playbook for the speedy wide receiver.” This affection appeared to fade quickly as Seattle’s offense seemed to stall at times while trying to find ways to incorporate his talents into playcalls. Touchdowns were reversed and then news of a fight between Harvin and fellow receiver Golden Tate surfaced, where Harvin reportedly body slammed Tate while staying in the team hotel. Tate’s former teammates feared that he may have broken his neck because of the actions of a fellow teammate.

Now the troubled receiver is headed to the Big Apple to play for an already troubled Jets team. Rex Ryan hopes to get through to Harvin where all other coaches failed. "I'm very comfortable with him" stated the Jets head coach. Said Harvin to reporters after his first practice with his new team "The coaching staff, the management, on to the owner, they're not worried about (my past). I even tried to explain a couple of things. They told me to be quiet and not to worry about it. It's been all smiles here."

Coming to Rex’s aid will be quarterback Michael Vick. Vick is a locker room leader who all the veteran players look up to and respect. Harvin and Vick are linked already because they share the same agent, Joe Segal. This could very well be Harvin’s last shot to redeem himself in the eyes of NFL teams and fans, and prove that his attitude can be backed up by his play on the field.