The Packers’ Jahri Evans Protects QBs And His Philadelphia Community

Jahri Evans is recognized for protecting QBs on the field, but it is his love for his community in Philly that demonstrates his protective nature.

WATCH- Jahri Evans

Jahri Evans

Evans didn’t play football until he got to Frankfort High School in his hometown of Philadelphia and then he missed his entire senior year after breaking his leg. The injury didn’t stop him as he turned his attention to academics, eventually earning an academic scholarship to Bloomfield University of Pennsylvania where, as a player, he earned Div-II “Little All-American” honors in his junior and senior years. Jahri was drafted by the Saints in the fourth round of the 2006 NFL Draft and went on to play for the team through 2015, winning the Super Bowl XLIV in 2010.

The talented tackle played this past season with the Packers and while he’s well known for his performance on the gridiron, it is his work off of the field that makes him a true All Pro. The Omega Psi Phi brother has created numerous community based programs in Philadelphia, funded student scholarship programs, has his MBA and is a successful businessman who also owns a piece of the Philadelphia Soul of the Arena Football League.

We sat down with Evans to find out who he really is and after watching this, you’ll recognize just how great he truly is. 

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