The Oscars In Tweets: Anne Hathaway and Dwight Howard Should Date

Oscars were better on Twitter than they were on TV. Music by far ruled the day and made the show bearable. Jennifer Hudson was in all her glory and showed the world she still has the pipes. Argo took the award for Best Picture and Django got lots of love. Overall, the show was average as Seth McFarlane was funny at moments but not consistently. However, Twitter made it all worthwhile.

Sure you were!

They both get the job done.

That’s all you, bro.

This is just mean.

Well played response, Michelle.


That would troll the world.

She is a winner in every sense of the word.

Robin Roberts is a hero.

That has to be a record.

I see what you did there.

You got to cater to your audience.

Fair enough.

It works for me.

Both are awful.

Let’s make it happen.

It was a bad look for a bad movie.

Great pic.

They were on point.

That isn’t right but I laughed.

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