The Only 3 Questions That Matter Entering Tonight’s NBA Playoff Games

  1. Do The Lakers have enough shooting to win the championship? 

We saw back in August that the Lakers had a problem shooting the three-pointer. They actually regressed in that category since entering the Bubble. Their inability to stretch the floor with reliable outside shooters reared its ugly head in Game 1 as they shot 28.9 percent from three. LA improved to 44 percent in a Game 2 win, but can they stay consistent with it? You know their best two players, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, aren’t going to be eating from beyond the arc much. 

  1. Can Giannis overcome his injury and a 3-1 series deficit?

The bigger question is should he even play? No NBA team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit in a playoff series, and although the Bucks managed to avoid a sweep without Giannis off the court, it doesn’t make sense to risk further injury to your franchise player for a series that is most likely over. 

Ask Kevin Durant. 

Also, the Bucks want Antetokounmpo to sign an extension this offseason. It’s not written in stone that he wants to remain in Milwaukee so the possibility of him leaving in 2021 is real. The Bucks might want to try and flip him in a trade and if he’s damaged goods that won’t work.   

  1. Can The Rockets overcome cold spells in their small ball offense and keep up the defensive intensity for the entire seven game series?

It all comes down to how Russell Westbrook plays. The Rockets have been competing with the Lakers despite a horrendous offensive display by a guy who ranked third in the league in points in the paint entering Bubble play. The small ball pieces are going to do what they do. James Harden has to keep working on both sides of the ball for the entire game. Westbrook has to commit to driving and dishing and keeping his usual energy, Houston could sure use the old Russ right now. Without him, they can’t win.

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